Cultural Heritage challenges Climate Change: tools and strategies for preparedness

Bonazza Alessandra Bonazza ISAC-CNR

Alessandra Bonazza

Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council, Italy


Climate change induced hazards are persistently putting cultural heritage under pressure worldwide, with a daily incremental frequency. Research dedicated to risk assessment, sustainable solutions for preparedness strengthening as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies, specifically dedicated to cultural and natural heritage protection are urgently needed. This contribution presents an overview of the knowledge gained from relevant EU funded projects on the topic, drawing particular attention to the limits of the research carried out so far on climate change impact on built heritage and terraced landscape. Future trends of deterioration processes on inorganic building materials expected to be predominant in Europe are discussed, as well as key points for a proper methodology of analysis and still existing gaps in knowledge to overcome. Research results clearly demonstrate that in dealing with the impact evaluation of climate change on monumental complexes and historic buildings, downscaling in spatial resolution of outputs from global and regional models still remains an open issue in order to allow the implementation of adequate future projections of deterioration phenomena occurring at local-building scale. In addition still resources need to be addressed to the identification of risk indicators and damage functions purposely tailored at local level based on a user-driven approach, by meeting the requirements of the targeted stakeholders (Public Authorities, decision and policy makers, rescue bodies).


Senior researcher at the Institute of Atmospheric Climate and Sciences of the National Research Council of Italy, where she is responsible for the Research Unit “Impact on Environment, Cultural Heritage and Health”. Adjunct professor on "Environmental Impact on Materials, Deterioration and Ageing" at the University of Bologna. Expert in climate change and pollution impact on cultural heritage, risk assessment and vulnerability analysis. Member of the EU Task Force "Coperniucs Cultural Heritage", she recently coordinated the Interreg Central Europe Projects ProteCHt2save and STRENCH.

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