Development and upgrade of instruments and methods in the Cultural Heritage field


Alessandro Re

Alessandro Re

Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Torino and INFN (Italy)

Lo Giudice

Alessandro Lo Giudice

Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Torino and INFN (Italy)


Many instruments and methods are now available for the analysis of materials in the Cultural Heritage field. Some of them have been specifically designed and developed for Heritage Science, paying particular attention to features peculiar of this field, such as, for example, portability and non invasiveness. Moreover, many other instruments come from other fields (medicine, industry, etc) and have been adapted to be suitable for the Cultural Heritage field.
This session will focus both on the development of instrumentation specifically designed for Cultural Heritage material analysis and on the upgrade of instrumentation coming from other fields to be usable for Cultural Heritage.


Alessandro Re is a researcher at the Physics Department of the University of Torino and he is part of CHNet (Cultural Heritage Network), the network of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) devoted to Cultural Heritage. He works on archaeometry and diagnostics applied to Cultural Heritage since 2007. His main interest is the realization and the upgrade of new instruments and methods to be applied in the archaeometric field. Among the instruments he developed there are devices to perform X-ray radiography and tomography of artworks and archaeological findings (from millimetric size and up to some meters) and setups to detect the luminescence induced in various materials by X-ray or ion beams. He is working in the integration of different analytical and imaging techniques in a single portable instrument, for the analysis of cultural heritage materials directly in museums or archaeological excavations. He participates in different national and international projects and in the organization of national and international conferences. Since 2020 he is in the board of directors of AIAr, the Italian Archaeometric Society.

Alessandro Lo Giudice is an associated professor at the Physics Department of the University of Torino. He works on material characterization by means of nuclear techniques in different research fields since 1996 but from 2007 the interest was completely devoted to the study of materials in Cultural Heritage. So far, he was involved as participant or coordinator in a number of research projects funded by different institutions. At now he is the coordinator of a project for the development of a portable radiography/tomography coupled with the INFN MA-XRF apparatus and he is one of the key people of a H2020-MSCA-RISE research project on archaeometry involving the Japanese University of Okayama. He is one of the co-founder of a University Spin-off on Cultural Heritage diagnostic.

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